August 2007

The reality is some days in our life just don’t flow. Some days are like a LA traffic jam. Today is my LA traffic jam and surprisingly I’m doing pretty well with it. I haven’t lost my cool and I’m focusing on the basics, things that can’t be screwed up. I paid a few bills, tried to make some calls but that wasn’t working out either so I nixed those for today and am sticking to simple things, doing the laundry, taking care of necessities and lying low until I sense the traffic jam is gone. It wouldn’t have always been this way for me. The old me would have been angry and tried to plow on through the obviously not working tasks and would have become even more frustrated. I’ve learned and one of those gifts of learning was to let things go and not react when things start going wrong. I now work with the things that I can and I let the rest work it’s self out on another day when the traffic is moving without delays.


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A Hawaiian mural I discovered at a Big Island Resort shopping area.

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Old Kona Airport Beach, Big Island of Hawaii

The last few days I have been drawn to adding beautiful photos that I find healing. I hope that these photos bring you pleasure as well. This beach is gorgeous, quiet and quite unique. It used to be next to the runways of the old Kona Airport. To reach the beach you actually drive down what used to be runways for the airplanes, kind of cool and bizzare all at the same time. Definetely worth a visit or two!

Madison WI Botanical Gardens

I recently had a chance to visit Madison WI and their Botanical garden. It was such a gorgeous and peaceful place. I took this photo of a water lily while I was there. I find myself so calm and centered when I spend time in gardens and nature. I hope you will enjoy this picture as much as I do. What is even more amazing is that I took this photo with my PHONE! Incredible!

hp-pictures-021.jpgAugust 23rd….Today it has been four years since my father died. At times I miss him as deeply as I missed him hp-pictures-072.jpgthe first day he was gone. Then a calm comes and I know he is with me, watching over me, guiding me and that he’s proud of the progress I’m making in my life. It is never easy to move through grief… I wish it were and I wish I could tell those reading this that there’s a magical answer to the pain, there isn’t. But time is a great healer and I think of my dad these days with so much love and gratitude and so much less sadness. That is the miracle of time and love, they help to heal you.

I took this shot on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Another beautiful shot from the islands of Hawaii. I called these islands home for three amazing years and I still treasure them today. Aloha!

A surfer on the island of Maui.
Everyone seems to be searching for views of Hawaii lately so today I am simply adding some beauty to the blog by adding a photo I took a couple years ago while I was revisiting the Hawaiian Islands I love. Aloha!

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