The reality is some days in our life just don’t flow. Some days are like a LA traffic jam. Today is my LA traffic jam and surprisingly I’m doing pretty well with it. I haven’t lost my cool and I’m focusing on the basics, things that can’t be screwed up. I paid a few bills, tried to make some calls but that wasn’t working out either so I nixed those for today and am sticking to simple things, doing the laundry, taking care of necessities and lying low until I sense the traffic jam is gone. It wouldn’t have always been this way for me. The old me would have been angry and tried to plow on through the obviously not working tasks and would have become even more frustrated. I’ve learned and one of those gifts of learning was to let things go and not react when things start going wrong. I now work with the things that I can and I let the rest work it’s self out on another day when the traffic is moving without delays.