October 2007

The Eagle and The Condor
By: Jonette Crowley

This is an amazing book that explores one woman’s spiritual growth and how following her spiritual guidance and intuitions transformed her life and allowed her to use the knowledge she was given to help others grow and transform.

It’s Jonette Crowley’s journey to help guide others to transformation through her experiences and the knowledge she gained. The book details her experiences in Peru and reminds us that life is indeed a spiritual journey and that we are placed with people and in situations which can further our growth and knowledge and which open our life to experiences that forever change us.


My heart is heavy for those in California who are living through the destruction of their homes and businesses due to the fires ravaging the state. I feel a particular sadness because I lived in San Diego for nine years and I have many treasured friends who continue to live there today. My prayers and heart go out to them, to all who are affected. I pray that they will feel our love and support in this time of loss and sadness.

Occasionally we all have a day that reminds us we are not in control and we might as well just sit back, take it all in and forget about the notion that every thing is going to work the way we would like it. Tonight was my night for that reminder. After a week of five visitors in my house, an over night trip to Disney, and several day excursions to the beach I was ready for a simple, quiet evening. Some one up stairs was laughing at the very notion.

It all started out simple enough… isn’t that always the case? I’m just shaking my head, after the whole thing is said and done what else is there to do? After driving back from an over night Disney trip I was tired and ready for some relaxation. After cleaning the guest room and changing the sheets and towels I settled down for a nap. All clear on the home front, nap accomplished and the world seemed in order….ha ha..ha…

I got up to make dinner for my remaining relatives; down to two from five! I decide to grill some meat and make some baked french fries and veggies. It seemed simple enough and things appeared to be moving right along. That is until I tried to light the grill. One of my visitors who is now flying home didn’t completely turn off my gas grill a few days ago and all the propane escaped. Thankfully I have a small weber and the tank only holds 14 oz.

We are now in dinner crisis mode…the baked fries are in the oven, I am ready to cook the meat and we have no propane. Sears where I got the original three canisters is a half hour round trip in rush hour Friday night traffic. How many options do I have? I try calling Target and Home Depot, after at least an 8 min wait for both stores I still have NO ONE answering at the garden dept. I hang up pissed and frustrated. I pull out the carryout menu’s and tell my relatives start thinking about what you would like to eat in the event I can’t find propane at Home Depot. I get in the jeep and head to Home Depot; thankful it’s two blocks away from my home.

I am nearly gleeful, Home Depot has the small canisters of propane. I feel mildly successful and head home, ready to cook. The success lasts about as long as it takes to drive home. In my absence one of my cats has decided to counter surf for some food and has nibbled on the raw chicken brauts and burgers. Now I am really pissed. In the process I upset my grandmother with my angst and irritation. She is now feeling bad and goes up stairs to be alone. I sigh and wonder how much more complicated can it become?

I talk to my cousin, consider dinner options and then head upstairs to talk to grandma. I apologize I tell her I can’t take away the fact that I upset her or that the cat decided to try out our main course waiting to be cooked. This at least generates a smile. So I tell her again I am sorry and ask her what she would like to eat. The three of us eventually decide upon pizza and I get back in the jeep to head for the pizza parlor for our carry out.

When it was all said and done, we had dinner at least an hour and a half later than planned and I struggled to manage my house hold crisis but we survived and it was a very clear reminder to just go with the flow and realize we are not always in control of our lives.

By L F Hoffman

Tonight I was looking for a good book, something relaxing after a long day of boating. I found a book on my shelf that I bought nearly ten years ago. It was published in 1997. It’s a romantic and touching story of a man who decides to open his heart to a stray kitten on a cold day and finds the kitten begins to change his life, his perspective and eventually shows him he can fall in love. It’s a book that will delight women who wonder if there is indeed a special man for them. I bought this book at a time when I was in need of my own inspiration but still today find it a sweet read.

I made time on Thursday night to walk at the beach and enjoy the sunset. It was a gorgeous reminder of what time alone at the beach does for my soul. What an incredible sunset!
Indian Rocks Beach

Again, I don’t know who to attribute this poem to, but it is beautiful. This is part two there will be several other parts in the coming days. Enjoy!

Remember right now somebody…
wishes you would lavish them with small things.
admires your strength.
is thinking of you and smiling.
wants to be your shoulder to cry on.
wants to go out with you and have lots of fun.
thinks the world of you.
wants to protect you.
would do anything for you.
wants to be forgiven.
is grateful for your forgiveness.
wants to laugh with you about old times.
remembers you and wishes you were there.

A Florida winter beach shot, taken in Jan 07.

I received this long ago in Hawaii. I don’t even know who to attribute it to. It is a beautiful reminder of love and friendship in our lives. It is too long to post all in one sitting, so for tonight I will share a portion of it. Enjoy!

Remember, right now somebody…
is very proud of you.
is thinking of you.
is caring about you.
misses you.
wants to talk to you.
wants to be with you.
hopes you aren’t in trouble.
is thankful for the support you provided.
wants to hold your hand.
hopes everything turns out alright.
wants you to be happy.
wants you to find him/her.
is celebrating your successes.
wants to give you a gift.
thinks you are a GIFT.
hopes you are not too hot or cold.
wants to hug you.
loves you.

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