The Traveler’s Gift

Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success
By: Andy Andrews

The Traveler’s Gift is an amazing book. It is one that should be shared with friends and loved ones alike! It is an inspiring novel about a man called David Ponder who finds himself in a desperate situation and a cross roads in his life. He reaches a point of extreme fear and struggle in his life and a split second decision places him in a situation of grave danger. He is given in that moment divine assistance to show him and teach him what he can do with his life through seven principles. His lessons and his inspiring work resonate with me and leave me feeling like the world is a better place with this book! It is a book that touches my heart and motivates me to create good in my own life. A must read!


The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent
Living the Art of Allowing
By:Esther and Jerry Hicks
(The Teachings of Abraham)

This leading-edge book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present the teachings of the Non-Physical entity Abraham, is about having a deliberate intent for whatever you want in life, while at the same time balancing your energy and living the Art of Allowing along the way.

This book by Ester and Jerry Hicks, with the insight and wisdom of Abraham is thought provoking, informative and a book that will touch you and offer you insight into creating in your own life through deliberate intent and the act of allowing. Having read this book, I will certainly look forward to reading others by them.