I hope that each of you are finding this book and online class as interesting and spiritually valuable as I am. I was particularly touched by a statement made on Oprah’s show last week about the A New Earth online class. Oprah had a variety of people from all walks of life on the show via skype to talk about how the book and class have changed their perceptions, their life and given them some poignant “Ah Ha” Moments. One was Army Captain, Mason Weiss stationed in Baghdad.

His mother had given him the book to read before he headed to Iraq. He read the book before departing and found it so significant that he jotted down some of the statements that touched him the most and laminated them on an index card to carry with him in Iraq. He was on the show via Skype and pulled it from his uniform and read it for Oprah. I was touched by this particular statement.

When I get back home I don’t get a gift certificate or anything with all that wasted energy worrying about it or worrying about what might have happened. So it’s helped me tremendously and allowed me to separate my thoughts from my body and just stay in the present moment. Army Captain Mason Weiss, Baghdad, Iraq