April 2007

My friend Ketut on the right, with his brother and child at Side By Side Organic Farm in East Bali.
One of the blogs I have been following lately is Simple Living. This family is working at living a green and sustainable lifestyle. Okay, they are certainly further along the path than most of us…. but what an inspiration and idea to work toward. Today I was searching for alternate cleaning solutions. I have reached a point in my life where I just do not like the idea of chemical filled cleaners in my home. Simple Living had a post with a list of good natural cleaners that she uses successfully. Also it is a nice choice due to low cost of natural cleaners. A bonus all around!


For the last few weeks, since I began watching The Secret, and following up with like minded books I have kept a gratitude journal. I write down a list of things nearly each day that I am grateful for. I find in doing that it focuses my energy on the good in my life and keeps my attitude in a positive and grateful state. I notice in those times when I’m focusing on things I’m grateful for that my energy feels great. I feel uplifted and inspired. I also keep my gratitude rock close by so that I see it several times a day.

At a recent workshop I attended I heard something that touched me…..

When you hold a thought for 68 seconds you begin to work toward manifesting it. Focus with loving intention on that which you want to create for 68 seconds and see how your body feels. I love the idea of keeping the focus of my life on creating that which I most want and that which will help others and improve our world.

Last night I received word that my great uncle who had battled cancer for some number of years died. It was a sad moment to know the pain his family is going through. Their mother passed on many years ago. The only comfort I could find after the news was the fact that Bill is now with his wife Pat again in spirit. They were married for many years when she passed and I know the whole family would wish him the joy and love of that reunion and the comfort of heavens healing. May each of us be comforted by the memories we have of those we love and come to accept that there is much we cannot change.

I just learned of this website on Oprah’s show today. Her show discussed ways to go green and do more to protect our earth. This site will not only get your name off junk mail lists….who doesn’t need that?? The junk mail cycle seems endless! They also plant trees for each person who purchases an annual membership. The membership is now reduced to $15..which is such a bargain for the service they are performing! The price of this service not only helps me to do a small part in protecting the trees of the earth from becoming future junk mail, but what a difference it will make in my every day life. I wont be wasting time and energy shredding junk with my name on it!! This is truly an amazing and wonderful option! Check it out!
http://www.greeendimes.com You can click on the link at the right found under the heading Environment.

Update….I signed up with Green Dimes about two months ago and I am seeing a DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE in the level of junk mail. What a difference. I am a believer!

Further update…now five months in the junk mail has all but stopped, ..What a relief..THANK YOU GREEN DIMES! Also they have reduced the price…what a deal, a great service to the world and a bargain for each of us! Thank you!

The last months I’ve been making an effort to live a “greener life.” After living from 1999 to 2003 in Europe I have such a different perspective and really the more waste I see in the United States the more I become extremely disturbed by what we are doing to our planet all the time. I learned a lot about reusing and recycling as well as the importance of purchasing foods that are not treated with hormones or pesticides while living in Europe. Actually I found upon my return to the United States that there are things I can no longer eat, because the additives make me ill. I found the knowledge and availability of living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle in Europe was a wonderful and useful lesson for me. I dearly loved the outdoor food markets and the organic products that were so readily available. I also loved how environmentally aware the Germans were.

I recently bought the annual Green Issue of Outside Magazine and did the check list of things to live a greener lifestyle. I was happy to find so many small things I was doing to improve and live a greener life. There is still such a long way to go and the other day as I was contemplating the entire situation I became overwhelmed, feeling like I was getting no where. But the reality of being AWARE and MAKING BETTER CHOICES for our world is a good start for all of us.

Today as I was watching PBS they had a small segment on a couple who found love again, after both were widowed. The sweet and amazing thing was that the man was 71 and she was 67. They met through an online dating site which first of all was both sweet and mind blowing. Secondly it turned out that they lived five blocks from each other! The segment was a touching life lesson. No matter how painful our losses, love can come again.


Today I discovered the most amazing thing, Bob and Melinda Blanchard, who wrote “A Trip to the Beach” and “Live What You Love, notes from an unusual life.” have a website devoted to inspiring and sharing examples of how others have followed their path of doing what they love to change their lives!

The website is http://www.livewhatyoulove.com Look to the right on my blog roll of great websites and you will find a link. I’m impresed with the continual inspiration their lives offer each of us in a search to create what we love in our own lives. Read their books and check out the website!

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