Change Your Life Through Travel
Inspiring Tales and Tips for Richer, Fuller, More Adventurous Living
By: Jillian Robinson

Jillian has created a book that delights the reader with her experiences around the globe and at the same time touches them with insights and tips for creating changes in their own lives. I was touched by her second chapter entitled Take More Risks. I especially liked this statement.

Risk suggests possible loss or danger. And fear of loss often preoccupies our lives. What if we embraced loss instead? What if we regarded every possible loss as an opportunity to create something new? Doors close, windows open.”

After reading Changing Your Life Through Travel I believe Jillian will touch her readers with her insightful thoughts and tips chapter by chapter. Jillian’s chapters include; Slow Down and Live in the Moment, Feel Sexy, Step into Your Courage and many others. In each chapter she weaves her experiences along with those of others to create a chapter of travel experiences that inspire and touch the reader. She then concludes each chapter with three tips to help the reader create adventures in their own lives. Absolutely worth a read!


Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is recognize that we need to slow down, take care of ourselves and step away from the insanity. I have been feeling really in need of a good rest lately. I’m certain this is due to months of showing my house, living in a house that must always be in pristine show order, writing and editing a book, writing for two websites and trying to sort, box and divest myself of a certain amount of belongings. This is certainly enough to make anyone desire a good rest.

A Wonderful Memory of My Day at Maui Hyatt Spa
Photo credit Lisa Overman

So what does this writer do for herself when life becomes too much?
Eleven Things I’ve Done For Myself in 24 Hours.
1. I took a long bath with a sea salt scrub scented with vanilla and cinnamon that I made myself.
2. Read a good novel whose value is strictly pleasure.
3. I chose to eat some very healthy food, lots of veggies, vitamins and mangosteen juice!
4. I sat in the sun for 45 minutes on my patio.
5. I watched Oprah’s show. She’s always inspiring!
6. I slept nine hours.
7. I went to bed early.
8. I limited my time on the computer.
9. I limited my television time to a couple favorite shows.
10. I came up with a list of ways to break away for a couple days this month.
11. I ordered one my favorite Hawaiian Coco Mango lotions and shower gels from the Hyatt Kaanapali Spa on Maui.

I hope these will help each of you! What works for you when you need a good break?

If someone had told me even two years ago I would give up diet soda I would have laughed in their face. That just was not something I would have considered in the realm of possibility. I finally decided a month ago to ditch the diet soda and basically not drink soda. Amazingly I am not having difficulty with it at all. Which is truly amazing for a person who used to drink at least one diet vanilla pepsi each day. In the last year I have been doing a lot more reading and research on food, food additives, and have begun to change my perspective on what I am willing to put in my body and how I want to live my life.

Of course I cannot afford to buy ALL ORGANIC food, who can? But, I have been for some months purchasing only organic milk, mostly organic meat and selected organic fruit and vegetables. Apples being one of them, as I have learned that apples take one of the biggest hits on being sprayed by chemicals. At least if you cannot afford to purchase organic fruits and vegetables then wash them thoroughly with soap and warm water to remove the chemical residue that you can.

I have sworn off equal and spenda products, it is stunning to me how much of our food is now filled with these things. The more I read about them, the less I want them to pass my lips. It is certainly a new way of thinking for me. One that has been deliberate, gradual and well thought out.

It is all about choices, perspective and priorities. What is your opinion on this? Have you made similar changes in your life? I feel good about the changes and I feel even better about living my life in the most healing fashion I can.

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Indian Rocks Beach Friday night BEFORE I ditched the cell phone.

This weekend became an R&R weekend for me. I knew by Thursday night after seven constant days of home projects behind me and more ahead that I had to just STOP THE MERRY GO ROUND, step off and say no more. I knew I had to care for my body, my mind and my spirit.

I was so far beyond exhausted that I could hardly get out of bed on Friday. When you are 44 years old and you feel 90 there is something wrong. I listened, I loaed up my jeep, I did a load of laundry and I headed for my favorite beach area. For the past 48 hours I have done nothing more than sleep, read good books,nap, watch a Basbeall game, walk the beach three times and eat healthy food that I cooked myself. It has been amazing, necessary and a real eye opener for how hard I have been pushing myself these last months. I unplugged from the internet for 24 hours, and stayed away from my cell phone for the weekend except to check in on my 80 year old grandma, especially leaving it behind when I went to the beach.

I feel good again, not fully rested but a far cry from the woman who was dragging her ass to drive to the beach on early Friday afternoon. This morning as I finished my beach walk I could take a deep breath again, I could feel joy and relaxation filling my body. I had found me again….what a relief. I knew as I walked the beach again this morning that selling my house and moving to the beach has been the right decision for my life. I just underestimated the time, energy, money and effort it would take me to reach completion.

I’m still not there, but I’m feeling much closer and it’s a damn good thing, because I’m in need of a lot more R&R and a lot less home projects, less boxing up belongings, less donating things and selling things. I am really over it all. Now I understand my friends who have sold most of their belongings and moved overseas….I really have a much better understanding of where you each were when you made those decisions. If I had known what a ride this would be….WOW…I might have been to afraid to embark for the journey. But, hey I’ve made it this far and I won’t look back now. A few more R&R weekends and I may be my real, natural self again. This one was a fabulous beginning.

my origami paper tea container with it’s exotic flower and fruit tea.

Recently I feel like life is continually biting at my heels. No matter how much effort I put forth or how much time I spend on projects, preparing the house for sale or boxing things up and working on the yard…THERE ARE ALWAYS SIX MORE PROJECTS WAITING in the wings silently heckling me, reminding me I can’t stop. Well today I’d had ENOUGH. After working most of the three day weekend on these projects, and most of Tuesday as well late this morning I finally melted down. I called a girl friend, cried on her shoulder and she promptly told me to get out of my house and do something fun. FUN? What is that?? I used to live for that word…know it well….revel in it…lately that word conjures up a blank space in my mind. I have no idea what fun feels like. Lately fun is reading a good book in the late evening, petting my cats, going for a quick walk or stealing an hour for lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant. Those are not exactly what I would place under the fun category, but lately they are all I get.

Today I listened to my friend Tammy, realizing she was right. I drive myself much too hard. I am too much of a perfectionist, expecting myself to keep this house in perfect order for show, keeping the yard looking like a showcase and my stuff in order for the moment the house sells… where does that leave my life? Pretty much in the dust.

For a break I went to a matinee of Underdog. I loved it, it made me laugh, it was cute happy movie. Exactly what a girl who needs a laugh and hates violence enjoys watching. After that I wandered the mall and window shopped. I did buy some exotic flower and fruit tea at Teavana, my favorite tea shop. Now when I look at the beautiful origami tea container I will remember there is life outside this house. I will travel again, and I will find much more time for pleasure in the near future. That beautiful origami tea container and the exotic tea that I’m now sipping are my reminder….there is life beyond selling a house and I need to spend more time making it fun!


The Traveler’s Gift

Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success
By: Andy Andrews

The Traveler’s Gift is an amazing book. It is one that should be shared with friends and loved ones alike! It is an inspiring novel about a man called David Ponder who finds himself in a desperate situation and a cross roads in his life. He reaches a point of extreme fear and struggle in his life and a split second decision places him in a situation of grave danger. He is given in that moment divine assistance to show him and teach him what he can do with his life through seven principles. His lessons and his inspiring work resonate with me and leave me feeling like the world is a better place with this book! It is a book that touches my heart and motivates me to create good in my own life. A must read!

eatpraylove.jpgBy: Elizabeth Gilbert

What a great book. It is a heart warming journey through the transitions of Elizabeth Gilbert’s life and her year of healing while traveling to three countries she felt drawn to. It’s absolutely worth a read! I particularly loved two particular quotes from the book. These touched my heart.

We do spiritual ceremonies as human beings in order to create a safe resting place for our most complicated feelings of joy or trauma, so that we don’t have to haul those feelings around with us forever, weighing us down. If you bring the right earnestness to your homemade ceremony, God will provide the grace.

So that’s the final lesson, isn’t it? When you set out in the world to help yourself, you inevitably end up helping….Tutti (In Italian Everybody)