June 2007

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent
Living the Art of Allowing
By:Esther and Jerry Hicks
(The Teachings of Abraham)

This leading-edge book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present the teachings of the Non-Physical entity Abraham, is about having a deliberate intent for whatever you want in life, while at the same time balancing your energy and living the Art of Allowing along the way.

This book by Ester and Jerry Hicks, with the insight and wisdom of Abraham is thought provoking, informative and a book that will touch you and offer you insight into creating in your own life through deliberate intent and the act of allowing. Having read this book, I will certainly look forward to reading others by them.


120-july-aug-07-lrg.jpgI LOVE this magazine! Whenever I need an exotic tropical boost I pick up this magazine and feel that I’m transported to a tropical paradise. I particularly LOVE the Special Issue: HOW TO RUN AWAY TO PARADISE. This issue has an article called The 20 Best Islands To Live On. This article rates a variety of islands around the globe for most livable; included in this article are a sample of home prices, weather, island life, hospitals and tropical retreats on each island to visit and explore. I especially liked the fact that they researched island accomodations so you can get a flavor of each particular island before you take the leap to move and buy. Very Cool article!

Today on YouTube I came across a nice slideshow with music of the Caribbean island of Dominica. This is an underwater slideshow of a great dive. Enjoy!

A day of celebration earlier this year with my great grandmother and grandmother.

Today, Saturday June 23rd is my Great Grandmother, Mary Breiner’s one hundred and first birthday! It is truly amazing to see her reach such an age. I thought it was astonishing last year when we had a huge celebration for her 100th birthday! This year was much more subdued, she spent the day with my grandmother playing yahtzee and visiting and then spent the evening with my grandmother and cousin John for a nice meal out. Being in another part of the country meant I couldn’t be there to share her day this yr. Thankfully I was there last yr and for several other of her special days as well. I spoke to her on the phone today, as I do many times when she visits my grandmother’s and she was doing well.

We talked about my water safety class, how she was feeling, the fact that she has lived 101 years, and just about our family and life in general. She is quite a talker, and though she does repeat her self and forget things you tell her, she is interested, and she can remember details and stories and beautiful things from her life time and mine. It is always a little piece of history and joy to speak with her and see her. Happy Birthday Grandma and much love to you. I wish often that you could share in more detail the history and stories of your life. You have experienced and seen so many changes in society and in history in your one hundred and one years. It is a piece of history and a gift to love you. Happy Birthday!

boat-training-011.jpgThe last week has been exhausting and I apologize for not adding to my blog more often…having my house for sale is quite a chore some weeks….there are always many details to handle. This past week, including the weekend was no exception and there were more than usual. Things are back on track and more calm. I actually had a chance view life from a very different perspective today.

Today was my first experience with a Coast Guard approved boat/water safety class. We spent two hours learning and reviewing and then three hours on the boat practicing our skills with our captain. It was both exciting and scary and absolutely a very new experience! I have been on boats many times, but have never had the opportunity to learn to drive a boat. It was certainly a new perspective and enlightening to begin to understand all that is involved in reviewing a boating chart, understanding where one needs to be in the intercoastal channel, …god almighty is there alot to remember. It ]was a bit scary and confusing to me with my lack of experience. But, it’s a beginning and a new perspective I can enjoy and treasure!

WeBeSharin is one of two web blogs my friend Myscha has created. Trek Hound, also found in my blog roll to the right is the other. She’s an amazing example of someone who is willing to work hard and put forth extensive effort to create a successful and flexible lifestyle. Her strategies and ideas have created the means for she and her husband to do such things as trek five months around the world and to run a business from the road. She achieves these goals by using savvy financial strategies, creative lifestyle ideas and a lot of ingenuity. You can check out her webblog by clicking on the quote below or from my blogroll at the lower right of the screen under Lifestyle

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