hawaii8-016.jpgI’ve created this site as a place of inspiration, support, laughter, caring and adventure. I’m a survivor of grief and realize we need to create places which encourage those who are in pain to take small steps toward healing. This website is one of the steps in my journey of healing. May you find a measure of peace and enjoyment here as well as the realization that others care and understand. May you see through the progression of my healing a path to your own. Blessings to you!


6 Responses to “The Inspiration for Healing Through Love”

  1. Susan Lally Says:

    Hi Lisa this page is beautiful. I will read futher. I searched the website you gave me and it did not work. I googled Healing Through Love and you came up third.

    Loved our conversation.


  2. colin Says:

    your inspirations are wonderful. your thoughts are spiritual and i like it. our company was mentioned in one of your posts so we appreciate that. let me know how i can reach you with more info about us as we prep to launch a new campaign to end junk mail for good. need your support on this! thanks! colin @greendimes.com

  3. I was diagnosed with lung cancer about 2 years ago, and I went through all the different stages of depression, denial, self-loathing and self abuse. After doing that for some time, I began to notice something, I was actually experiencing a strong sense of happiness. Or, I wasn’t so sad anymore.
    I now live each day with a stronger appreciation of death. I can now except that dying is very much a part of living.
    There can’t be one without the other. Death is a part of life, it can’t be avoided, ignored or denied. It’s just there. The feeling of happiness that I’m experiencing is, I don’t let “stuff” get to me as it used to, I realize that the bad “stuff” is just a part of life as much as the good “stuff”. Therefore, even when it’s bad, it’s good, because it’s life, and if it’s life then it’s good, even when it’s bad. I know it’s simplistic, as well as perplexing, however my days are good even when they’re bad. (‘Chemo’ bad), and that’s good, even when it’s bad.
    Okay, now my head is beginning to ache, trying to comprehend what I just said. Did any of it make any sense? No matter, It’s all good.
    Sir Draigh

  4. bibomedia Says:


  5. tina Says:

    wow this is all so much at 1 time i have not dealt with the death of my mom its been over 3 yrs now and i,m really not sure how to get closure maybe u can help she was my best friend pls repy ty tINA

  6. Hello,

    I found your website through Mark Bordan’s Monday Morning Blog.

    Like his, I find your website very interesting and uplifting.

    It is what the world needs more of it.

    I’ve subscribed to your site for email updates and look forward to getting them.

    Have a great day. Peace be with you,

    Ron Montpetit

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