March 2007

I woke this morning to a dream of being overseas visiting a very good friend who has been struggling with dramatic life and job changes in the far reaches of Asia. I know my friend needs love and support right now and this dream was a very real moment of realizing that I need to take/make time to offer my support and love in this very painful time in her life. It may mean I find a way in the next months to make a trip to see her. In my dream she was exhausted, sad and in need of the loving warmth of her friends. At this moment I send her my prayers and warm thoughts, hoping she is surrounded by love and angelic assistance.


There are days I should just not attempt to deal with technology updates. I’ve just changed my internet connection service, and of course….my situation is unusual….what’s new there…..laughter…. My entire life falls into the unusual category in most instances, sometimes it all just becomes truly annoying! Tonight is one of those times!

Thank god for wireless internet connections, I have my own, (of course it isn’t working today or maybe for the next few.) But having a wireless allows me to use wireless from other sources. THANK GOD, otherwise I would be toast as far as the internet in the next days. The complications involved in my system and home network will of course require a technician. Let me say this whole situation reminds me WAY TOO MUCH of a period of technology hell when I lived in Berlin, Germany a few years ago and had to go through baptism by fire to get high speed internet hooked up in my apt that was built in 1902!

Eventually it all worked, even the German software necessary for my aol Germany account. It wasn’t an easy or pleasant process, yet it eventually worked. I’m ever hopeful that this situation will be less complicated. We shall see… Like many I struggle to be decent, rather than rude and obnoxious to the tech support people who spout jargon that doesn’t even make sense to me or to top it off who can’t always help me! (Exactly what happened tonight.) It seems at times such a waste of time and energy and leaves me with an irritated feeling and an upset stomach! I’m certain MANY of you can relate to this!!

I love my technology and I love the things I can accomplish with it. I suppose I just have to accept that it can’t always be a perfect science and that sometimes it will have snags and take longer than it should. For now I will focus on deep breathing and the patience to deal with several more technical support and computer people in the next days.

A Sailboat on the Big Island of Hawaii

As I sat with my family at a local restaurant this week I was drawn by the beautiful water view and the sailboats docked in their marina spots near our patio seating. My gaze was continually drawn to two particular sailboats that sat afloat right outside the harbor area. I’m drawn to water views and sailboats calmly sitting on the water. I really can imagine myself enjoying that kind of simple life.

I have NO boating experience, and certainly NO SAILING experience, so where does this desire come from? No idea, yet year after year I find myself drawn to those boats and views. I want that silence, that peace, that simplicity. Maybe the idea of that freedom to move from place to place as the desire hits is in part what appeals to me, maybe the silence and the calm of the water is appealing as well.

Because of this feeling I have immersed myself in many travel books about families and couples who have taken sabbaticals from their everyday life to create a life of travel living on a boat and cruising the caribbean islands. Of course every single one of their books is appealing as well as very REAL REALITY CHECK. Everyone of them is faced with a steep learning curve, to not only know how to sail that boat, but how to fix things, stay aware of dangers and accept and become used to (it seems..) the challenge of night sailing and the very real danger of storms and hurricane season. Even with those reality checks it strikes me as very appealing.

Maybe someday I can start small by joining friends on a sailing vacation or renting a sailboat in the caribbean and having a tropical get away and learning more about what draws me to this very different lifestyle.

Today is the first day of Spring….even the word Spring sounds fresh and delightful. Emotionally spring seems a time to make a new start and look at life with a fresh perspective. It can also be a time for us to clear away some of our emotional baggage and begin to look at life with a clear head. Spring cleaning for the spirit! For me it is a time to renew my focus on those things that are most important in my life. My book, my health, family and my home.

Each of us knows in our heart what our priorities really need to be. Whether we follow this………..that is another question completely. For example I KNOW I need to lose another 17 lbs. I have known for quite some time, but six weeks ago spirit gave me a very clear message. When I stepped on the scale there was a particular number showing… A NUMBER ALMOST TWENTY POUNDS LESS THAN MY REAL WEIGHT. I understood with clarity, this was spirits way of showing me where they wanted my weight to be. I paid attention and I’m eating more carefully and hope with the freshness of spring to really apply FOCUS to this struggle.

I get the clear message in my heart and mind that like ANY other task I can complete this one easily if I use a mindful attitude, focus my self and really try. It isn’t for lack of opportunity. I have an eliptical trainer sitting twenty feet from me, and a gym in my community like many of us! It’s all about FOCUS AND APPLICATION. Am I focusing on this task and am I applying myself? Not as much as needed, because the scale has only gone down a pound or two….. ahk….

May spring be an opportunity for each of us to refocus where our priorities should be, with a fresh mind set and the spirit to really follow through and create good in our lives. HAPPY SPRING!!

I was just checking out the MSN home page and I saw a link to some thing about saving money….aren’t most of us generally trying to do that???… It took me to the Money section of MSN to an article about people taking the month of Feb (because it was the shortest month) and buying only essential items such as foods, household essentials, gas etc… The premise was that each person/family would really get a handle on how much money they normally spend on non essentials such as lattes, newspapers, snacks, extra clothing etc… The result was that those who stuck with it really SAVED. Some saved several hundred dollars, most saved at least three or four hundred dollars and really realized how much money they had been wasting on eating out or buying things that weren’t something they really needed.

Each person/family decided for themselves what was essential in their house/life and some just cut back, still seeing a REAL DIFFERENCE. Some liked the feeling of being able to save enough that they are carrying the idea into the month of March. Some families even lost weight by packing lunches rather than eating out, and walking more or exercising to stay away from shopping. I found it a very interesting concept and may try it myself. Okay, I have relatives visiting for two weeks so it isn’t going to be a completely ESSENTIALS ONLY spending month, but the very idea makes me more aware and will probably save me some cash!

This is another statement I LOVED from THE SECRET, this time it comes from author Jack Canfield

You can make it all the way from California to New York driving through the dark cause all you have to see is the next two hundred feet. That’s how life tends to unfold before us.”

I LOVED that! and by the way it is a much more lengthy quote so watch or read THE SECRET for yourself! It is amazing and he is exactly right !!

Yesterday I had a flash of intuition, similar to moments I’ve had many many times, only this time I thought I knew better and I ignored it. NEVER A GOOD THING TO DO.

I was leaving my home and I had this thought. “you don’t have your house key.” In my head I thought, I have my keys in my pocket, I feel them. What kind of craziness is this? So I touched my pocket, felt my keys and locked the door. When I got into my car I looked at the keys. My house key was GONE. It had either fallen off somewhere or I had removed it to put in my pocket when doing yard work.

My angels had been alerting me and I ignored them, thinking I knew better. It was the gentle reminder I needed to pay attention, to always trust the intutions that I receive, no matter how big or small, no matter whether I THINK I know better or not. I’m guided, we all are. Sometimes I get too caught up in the physical every day world and forget that spirit is really what matters and I need to always pay attention. Have a wonderful day!

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