Change Your Life Through Travel
Inspiring Tales and Tips for Richer, Fuller, More Adventurous Living
By: Jillian Robinson

Jillian has created a book that delights the reader with her experiences around the globe and at the same time touches them with insights and tips for creating changes in their own lives. I was touched by her second chapter entitled Take More Risks. I especially liked this statement.

Risk suggests possible loss or danger. And fear of loss often preoccupies our lives. What if we embraced loss instead? What if we regarded every possible loss as an opportunity to create something new? Doors close, windows open.”

After reading Changing Your Life Through Travel I believe Jillian will touch her readers with her insightful thoughts and tips chapter by chapter. Jillian’s chapters include; Slow Down and Live in the Moment, Feel Sexy, Step into Your Courage and many others. In each chapter she weaves her experiences along with those of others to create a chapter of travel experiences that inspire and touch the reader. She then concludes each chapter with three tips to help the reader create adventures in their own lives. Absolutely worth a read!


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A Hawaiian mural I discovered at a Big Island Resort shopping area.

120-july-aug-07-lrg.jpgI LOVE this magazine! Whenever I need an exotic tropical boost I pick up this magazine and feel that I’m transported to a tropical paradise. I particularly LOVE the Special Issue: HOW TO RUN AWAY TO PARADISE. This issue has an article called The 20 Best Islands To Live On. This article rates a variety of islands around the globe for most livable; included in this article are a sample of home prices, weather, island life, hospitals and tropical retreats on each island to visit and explore. I especially liked the fact that they researched island accomodations so you can get a flavor of each particular island before you take the leap to move and buy. Very Cool article!

Today on YouTube I came across a nice slideshow with music of the Caribbean island of Dominica. This is an underwater slideshow of a great dive. Enjoy!

A number of years ago I had a chance to visit the island of Pohnpei. I had a fabulous time and I would return in a heartbeat. The hotel my friends and I stayed at was gorgeous, natural and allowed us to experience the island in a lovely way.Today as I was desiring a tropical fix I searched Pohnpei on google and found a nice site for information on the island AND a site for our beautiful hotel. Enjoy!

This is the site for island information with a gorgeous gallery of pictures.

“Leaving Microsoft to Change the World
an Entrepreneur’s Odyssey to Educate the World’s Children.”

IT IS STUNNING…EVERYONE SHOULD BE READING THIS BOOK. It is touching, inspiring and a real heads up as to what one person can create with enough passion, determination and belief. John Wood’s charity, Room To Read is creating schools, libraries, computer centers and scholarships for girls education in poverty stricken areas of the world.

I bought the book last night and I can’t put it down. I read until midnight and then started again at breakfast this morning. I’ve now read 200 pages and can barely contain my excitement at what he and his charity organization are doing to improve the lives of children all over the world who are living in poverty. These children previously had no suitable books available and little opportunity for an education. I made a donation today and I challenge my friends and the readers of my blog to do the same. Check out his website which is listed in my blog roll to the right under charity and education.