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The Guam girls fourteen years later… still treasuring our friendships.

Our Guam Reunion Group

This has been a weekend of laughter, great fiesta food and sharing friendships. It has been great to catch up and share our lives and also a wonderful way to reconnect with women friends and their spouses who live very different lives. It has been fun and interesting to talk and share our tips, our ideas and the strategies that work for us in our every day life and relationships.

It is also eye opening and humorous to spend four days together sharing our lives, our memories, stories and just hanging out together. Some of us are single (myself and another friend Shelly, others are married and others still are married with children (most of the group). So though our lives have changed dramatically in the fourteen years since we met we remain connected and joyful in our friendships. This long weekend was an amazing time of enjoying Guam fiesta food…chicken keliguan, pancit, red rice, finndene and ribs, cucumber diago, and chammoro potato salad. All the wonderful food was courtesy of Richard Taitano and his wife Sheila, our hosts for the weekend. Richard brings all his love of his culture to these weekend reunions and allows all of us a treasured weekend of sharing memories of Guam and our love of the island we once called home.