Today I discovered the most amazing thing, Bob and Melinda Blanchard, who wrote “A Trip to the Beach” and “Live What You Love, notes from an unusual life.” have a website devoted to inspiring and sharing examples of how others have followed their path of doing what they love to change their lives!

The website is Look to the right on my blog roll of great websites and you will find a link. I’m impresed with the continual inspiration their lives offer each of us in a search to create what we love in our own lives. Read their books and check out the website!



Each of us has dreams, and a passion for something in the world. The challenge is finding a way to develop that passion into a purpose, in a meaningful way. Sometimes what starts as a hobby or a weekend interest can work into a new opportunity for meaningful work that brings your heart joy.

What activity or interest brings you intense happiness? How can you spend more time taking part in that passion? Is there a way to use that passion to create good? I believe we create opportunities in life by focusing energy on what we love. It will take time and effort. You might only start by using your interest with those you love, or to help someone you know in your community, or church. I believe the more you use your gift and your passion the more opportunities become available to you to use your gift elsewhere.

I woke this morning to a dream of being overseas visiting a very good friend who has been struggling with dramatic life and job changes in the far reaches of Asia. I know my friend needs love and support right now and this dream was a very real moment of realizing that I need to take/make time to offer my support and love in this very painful time in her life. It may mean I find a way in the next months to make a trip to see her. In my dream she was exhausted, sad and in need of the loving warmth of her friends. At this moment I send her my prayers and warm thoughts, hoping she is surrounded by love and angelic assistance.

Today is the first day of Spring….even the word Spring sounds fresh and delightful. Emotionally spring seems a time to make a new start and look at life with a fresh perspective. It can also be a time for us to clear away some of our emotional baggage and begin to look at life with a clear head. Spring cleaning for the spirit! For me it is a time to renew my focus on those things that are most important in my life. My book, my health, family and my home.

Each of us knows in our heart what our priorities really need to be. Whether we follow this………..that is another question completely. For example I KNOW I need to lose another 17 lbs. I have known for quite some time, but six weeks ago spirit gave me a very clear message. When I stepped on the scale there was a particular number showing… A NUMBER ALMOST TWENTY POUNDS LESS THAN MY REAL WEIGHT. I understood with clarity, this was spirits way of showing me where they wanted my weight to be. I paid attention and I’m eating more carefully and hope with the freshness of spring to really apply FOCUS to this struggle.

I get the clear message in my heart and mind that like ANY other task I can complete this one easily if I use a mindful attitude, focus my self and really try. It isn’t for lack of opportunity. I have an eliptical trainer sitting twenty feet from me, and a gym in my community like many of us! It’s all about FOCUS AND APPLICATION. Am I focusing on this task and am I applying myself? Not as much as needed, because the scale has only gone down a pound or two….. ahk….

May spring be an opportunity for each of us to refocus where our priorities should be, with a fresh mind set and the spirit to really follow through and create good in our lives. HAPPY SPRING!!