Today a conversation with my friend Myscha sparked a realization in me that there are times when the best thing we can offer another is a part of ourself. Simply to be there in that moment and offer a part of ourself that will support and nurture the other in their challenge and need is the best gift we can offer.

Maybe it’s sharing a cup of tea and having a chat.
Possibly it’s a bike ride through the park together enjoying the unexpected sights of nature.
Maybe a part of yourself is best shared in giving a sensual massage that allows the other to forget the world’s challenges.
Maybe it is the hug you offer after a long day.
Whatever it is, as long as it’s a part of your authentic self it will be treasured.

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Indian Rocks Beach Friday night BEFORE I ditched the cell phone.

This weekend became an R&R weekend for me. I knew by Thursday night after seven constant days of home projects behind me and more ahead that I had to just STOP THE MERRY GO ROUND, step off and say no more. I knew I had to care for my body, my mind and my spirit.

I was so far beyond exhausted that I could hardly get out of bed on Friday. When you are 44 years old and you feel 90 there is something wrong. I listened, I loaed up my jeep, I did a load of laundry and I headed for my favorite beach area. For the past 48 hours I have done nothing more than sleep, read good books,nap, watch a Basbeall game, walk the beach three times and eat healthy food that I cooked myself. It has been amazing, necessary and a real eye opener for how hard I have been pushing myself these last months. I unplugged from the internet for 24 hours, and stayed away from my cell phone for the weekend except to check in on my 80 year old grandma, especially leaving it behind when I went to the beach.

I feel good again, not fully rested but a far cry from the woman who was dragging her ass to drive to the beach on early Friday afternoon. This morning as I finished my beach walk I could take a deep breath again, I could feel joy and relaxation filling my body. I had found me again….what a relief. I knew as I walked the beach again this morning that selling my house and moving to the beach has been the right decision for my life. I just underestimated the time, energy, money and effort it would take me to reach completion.

I’m still not there, but I’m feeling much closer and it’s a damn good thing, because I’m in need of a lot more R&R and a lot less home projects, less boxing up belongings, less donating things and selling things. I am really over it all. Now I understand my friends who have sold most of their belongings and moved overseas….I really have a much better understanding of where you each were when you made those decisions. If I had known what a ride this would be….WOW…I might have been to afraid to embark for the journey. But, hey I’ve made it this far and I won’t look back now. A few more R&R weekends and I may be my real, natural self again. This one was a fabulous beginning.

A number of years ago I had a chance to visit the island of Pohnpei. I had a fabulous time and I would return in a heartbeat. The hotel my friends and I stayed at was gorgeous, natural and allowed us to experience the island in a lovely way.Today as I was desiring a tropical fix I searched Pohnpei on google and found a nice site for information on the island AND a site for our beautiful hotel. Enjoy!

This is the site for island information with a gorgeous gallery of pictures.

Today was a gorgeous day and I didn’t have any house duties, or realtor meetings. What a treasure that is! I went to church, enjoyed an afternoon lunch overlooking the beach with relatives and a quiet evening on the patio listening to the sounds of nature. It felt like a normal wonderful day. After the last weeks even saying normal or quiet seems extraordinary! The quiet of the evening, watching the sunset and talking to my aunt was enjoyable and just what I needed to soothe my soul after the frenzied days of late. What are you doing today to soothe your soul?

This last few weeks have drained me. I feel like there is constantly too much on my plate. So much so that I can’t possibly complete it all, though I do give it my best try. The details of my days are too exhausting to recount and some days hold tasks that are as appealing as cleaning the kitty litter. I long for a LONG, VERY LONG quiet vacation in a place full of beauty, nature and silence. Maybe a lodge in Canada. A visit there three years ago sold me on the absolute beauty, abounding nature and peaceful silence one can find in Canada.

Tonight I had tickets for the symphony but I didn’t go. I considered inviting a friend two weeks ago, but had way too much on my mind with my house and other responsibilities. Maybe I should have, but after a very long day of errands and meetings and a hair cut and a session of yard work I just wasn’t in the mood. It’s a shame too, I just got my hair cut today and it looks GREAT!

Working in the yard did allow me to remember why I’m moving to a town house. There I will have a yard but NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT…. You will certainly hear my scream of glee for miles! I’ve learned that a house with a yard is just so much damn work, even with help! I wonder why I have no dating life to speak of…I feel like I’m dating this damn house!! Do any of you who are also single feel like that?

Okay, I am on the overly neat and organized side and want things to look really awesome…which takes a great deal of time. Yet, when I sit down in the evenings I’m happy with it, it’s neat and beautiful. I’m pleased with my home and that is a very good feeling. But some days, like today, it exhausts me, and certainly limits my social life because the responsibilities are pretty much constant. Who knew…. no wonder I liked living the nomadic life overseas.

This is a wonderful video found on You Tube, of Chinese dancers who are deaf, yet dance and work in sync perfectly. Enjoy, it is gorgeous!

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