Today a conversation with my friend Myscha sparked a realization in me that there are times when the best thing we can offer another is a part of ourself. Simply to be there in that moment and offer a part of ourself that will support and nurture the other in their challenge and need is the best gift we can offer.

Maybe it’s sharing a cup of tea and having a chat.
Possibly it’s a bike ride through the park together enjoying the unexpected sights of nature.
Maybe a part of yourself is best shared in giving a sensual massage that allows the other to forget the world’s challenges.
Maybe it is the hug you offer after a long day.
Whatever it is, as long as it’s a part of your authentic self it will be treasured.

Photo Credit: Flickr Johnny Pearl


Nicholas Negroponte is the founder of One Laptop Per Child. His organizations goal is to get a laptop in the hands of every child in the world, according to the Nov 12th People Magazine currently on sale.

According to the People Magazine article, his non profit has developed a laptop called the XO which is powered either by solar, electric or manually. The computer has wireless connection and is made of a green and white material that is resistant to sand, heat and water; basically a design that withstands conditions typical of any third world country where the computers will be distributed.

For a short period in November; beginning on November 12th Nicholas Negroponte is creating a Give One Get One offer. His website says this offer will begin on November 12th and consumers can purchase the XO computer for $399 dollars ($200 of this is TAX DEDUCTABLE!!) For this your purchase buys a child in a developing country a lap top as well as one for a child in your family!

This is such a beautiful gift he has created. His incredible belief, motivation, love and knowledge is creating an opportunity for families and children with no means to afford technology;the gift of a laptop computer with wireless access. I am so impressed, I plan to purchase one myself for this charitable cause!! Please check out his website and make a donation yourself.

By L F Hoffman

Tonight I was looking for a good book, something relaxing after a long day of boating. I found a book on my shelf that I bought nearly ten years ago. It was published in 1997. It’s a romantic and touching story of a man who decides to open his heart to a stray kitten on a cold day and finds the kitten begins to change his life, his perspective and eventually shows him he can fall in love. It’s a book that will delight women who wonder if there is indeed a special man for them. I bought this book at a time when I was in need of my own inspiration but still today find it a sweet read.

Today has been an R&R day for me, which feels amazing. I enjoyed my weekend of R&R so much that I decided after another four days of home projects and preparation for home showings that I deserved time for me. Today has been the beginning of that. I say a beginning because there will be more of these days ahead I can assure you.

It is just after five thirty in the evening and I realized a few minutes ago that I have been wearing my bathing suit all day. It made me laugh with joy. When is the last time I did that? Years ago, when I lived on Hawaii or Guam. Most likely Guam. I started my day with a swim and a bit of relaxation on the beach. But I certainly have to credit my ray ban sun glasses for my view that looked like the the pacific or the caribbean. I noticed a while ago that my ray bans make the water appear a tropical blue green color, like the water I treasured on Guam and in Hawaii. So it’s an illusion, this illusion makes me happy and brings a bit of the true tropics to my Florida world, that’s really all that matters.

I found myself truly happy this morning floating on the waves in my noodle chair. If you haven’t seen these you need to find one if you love time in the water. These things are simply made of a foam floating noodle and some netting. The netting slides over the noodle and becomes a chair you sit in to float around on the ocean. It is so cool and so very relaxing. I decided after that forty minutes of floating on the waves that my noodle chair is staying in my jeep so any ocean day can be spent at least in part floating, watching the waves, the pelicans and the beautiful sky. Today as I lay there I found myself as calm as if I were doing a meditatation. The waves, the water and the sky created a natural meditation that everyone deserves to experience. It was an eye opening moment for me, to realize just how good the ocean leaves me feeling. Just 40 minutes gave me a whole new perspective on my day. Can’t we all use that?

Tim and Faith on their Jeep concert poster

I am deeply impressed. I went to the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw concert last night…Wow. It was an incredible performance, and a moving experience to see two people so genuine, so talented, and so deeply appreciative of their fans. I have been to many concerts and never have I seen two people strive to be so caring to their fans.

First they had an outstanding set up, the stage was in a cross style so that the audience was close to them from many many places. It made the entire concert experience feel that much more intimate and amazing. On top of that each of them several times went down into the floor section of the audience and touched peoples hands, hugged them, shook their hands and let them take photos. It was truly moving to see two performers with such grace and warmth. They truly love their fans and it shows.

The two of them performed for nearly three and a half hours. On top of that their warm up group the Warren Brothers, from Tampa….yah Tampa natives.. did a nice long set, probably a half hour before Tim and Faith began. It is far and above the best concert I have ever attended and I will certainly see them again when they return to Tampa. They are two deeply beautiful spirited people and it shows in their performance and the love they display to each other and their fans.

I wasn’t sure what I would think of this movie, but I knew I wanted to give it a try. I’m SO GLAD I went. It’s full of over the top humor as well as an overall reminder of how God’s always in our lives. I was reminded how the smallest act of kindness or compassion truly make a difference and touch others in the world. See the movie, you will laugh out loud again and again and just maybe you will think about your own random acts of kindness.

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