Pass a Grille Beach, St Petersburg, FL

I find when I’m uncertain or stressed that being in nature is the best solution for me. Spending time breathing fresh air, feeling sunshine on my face and just chilling bring me back to my center; where I need to be. Time after time I more fully understand that nature is my haven from the every day challenges that life offers. In nature I observe the natural flow of things, trees move softly in the breeze and birds swoop in upward flight with the drafts, sometimes flapping their wings and other times simply gliding. The waves flow in sets into the beach and through it all there is no struggle, it happens smoothy as nature intended, each flower, branch or bird in a calm pattern of beauty. It’s a beautiful reminder of what life can be when we let go of expectations and struggling to make everything as we’d like it. Simply find a peaceful spot and breathe deep; and recognize that life flows on around us, no matter what we do. We can choose to fight it or we can choose to flow with it. May you have a blessed day.