If you read my last post, you know that the last couple weeks I have faced some seriously scary health moments. During the time I was waiting to have my biopsy (which later became an MRI and ultra sound ) I went to see The Bucket List with two girl friends; neither of which knew I was waiting to learn if I had cancer or not. Maybe not the smartest movie to see while waiting for test results but I truly wanted to see the movie. The movie is fantastic, emotional and hilarious. There were scenes that made me cry and scenes that were laugh out loud funny.

The movie reminded me of what my parents went through with each of their diagnosis and in that respect the movie was sobering and sad. Yet it was also life affirming; these men were striving to make the most of the time that remained and they did some amazing and beautiful things. They did things they’d dreamed of doing, but had never found the opportunity or money to do. As I waited for my own tests I had a lot of time to think about my life and what I’ve accomplished, and what I still want to do. Gratefully my test results showed me to be completely healthy and I am feeling blessed. Yet while I waited to hear I thought about what would be on my own list.

My current bucket list
Tahiti – French Polynesia visit at least two islands, maybe three.
Publish my book on healing grief and relationships.
Alaska – Take my grandmother on an Alaskan Cruise and go dog sledding.
Return to the Hawaiian islands and buy a condo.
Marry a passionate, loving man who loves me, our families, animals, God and understands my journey.
Consider adopting a little girl.
Treasure my family and friends.
Greece – visit the greek islands with my future husband.
Italy – See more of the county I fell in love with.
Russia – Visit the historical domed church in Moscow, and see the country.
Croatia – Visit the former family homeland of someone I’ve loved.
Return to Micronesia and visit Ponape again and see Palau, which I missed the first time.
Canada – Visit the french portion of the country.
Go back to the UP of Michigan where I camped as a child with my grand parents.
Caribbean – travel through some of the caribbean islands
Learn to dance.
Take a painting class.
Go to as many Yankee games as possible.

What’s on your bucket list?