A few days ago I wrote a post that was very close to my heart about what it feels like to grieve at the holidays, and because I have a google alert that tells me when people use my post in their blog or site I was able to find out that someone who doesn’t have respect for my work has attatched portions of my post on grieving at the holidays into a post of theirs on a completely unrelated topic!! I might not mind that the post was linked to their blog; with the proper credit to my blog IF THEIR BLOG HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH HEALING, GRIEF, LOSS OR RELATIONSHIPS. It is NONE of the above and I remain quite DISPLEASED. I even posted a very clear comment on their blog specifically ASKING that they remove my text. They have not.

So, I am speaking out on my blog to you to say I find this highjacking of a sincere post I spent a lot of time and emotion writing distasteful and downright WRONG. So if by chance you find yourself searching the topic grieving at the holidays and you find yourself there, at that blog, which has nothing to do with grieving please leave a comment about this for them. Thank you for being patient with my displeasure. I put a lot of love, effort and time into this blog to help others, to show people the steps I’ve taken to heal, and to help each of you who visit find ways to heal your own pain, so when someone takes something so special to me and uses it in a very unprofessional way, I am very displeased. If you are grieving at the holidays and would like to read the original post, please scroll down two previous posts.Have a blessed day!