Nicholas Negroponte is the founder of One Laptop Per Child. His organizations goal is to get a laptop in the hands of every child in the world, according to the Nov 12th People Magazine currently on sale.

According to the People Magazine article, his non profit has developed a laptop called the XO which is powered either by solar, electric or manually. The computer has wireless connection and is made of a green and white material that is resistant to sand, heat and water; basically a design that withstands conditions typical of any third world country where the computers will be distributed.

For a short period in November; beginning on November 12th Nicholas Negroponte is creating a Give One Get One offer. His website says this offer will begin on November 12th and consumers can purchase the XO computer for $399 dollars ($200 of this is TAX DEDUCTABLE!!) For this your purchase buys a child in a developing country a lap top as well as one for a child in your family!

This is such a beautiful gift he has created. His incredible belief, motivation, love and knowledge is creating an opportunity for families and children with no means to afford technology;the gift of a laptop computer with wireless access. I am so impressed, I plan to purchase one myself for this charitable cause!! Please check out his website and make a donation yourself.