A Florida winter beach shot, taken in Jan 07.

I received this long ago in Hawaii. I don’t even know who to attribute it to. It is a beautiful reminder of love and friendship in our lives. It is too long to post all in one sitting, so for tonight I will share a portion of it. Enjoy!

Remember, right now somebody…
is very proud of you.
is thinking of you.
is caring about you.
misses you.
wants to talk to you.
wants to be with you.
hopes you aren’t in trouble.
is thankful for the support you provided.
wants to hold your hand.
hopes everything turns out alright.
wants you to be happy.
wants you to find him/her.
is celebrating your successes.
wants to give you a gift.
thinks you are a GIFT.
hopes you are not too hot or cold.
wants to hug you.
loves you.