A Walk On The Beach
By Joan Anderson

This is the third book in a series that Joan Anderson has written about her unexpected and unconventional year living alone on Cape Cod. In this book Anderson explores the depth of her friendship and relationship with Joan Erikson; a woman of wisdom and insight whom she meets and befriends during a cold, windy beach walk she takes after being snowed in for nearly a week on the Cape.

This quote from her book, was one I particularly liked and it seemed to characterize what their friendship was about, daily adventures, learning, living and becoming more of their authentic selves.

As far as I’m concerned vital living is all about action and touch. That’s where you find the wisdom-in what you’re doing and feeling. Stepping out on a gray day, immersing oneself in the elements, daring to be different, that’s the way to go.

This book is a delightful read that explores the relationship of two friends who meet when both of their lives are changing and the warm and wonderful experiences they share along the way to creating new lives for themselves.