Two days ago I discovered photos of my father’s that I’ve spent four years searching for. When my father died my relatives and I began by searching for photos to use in our power point slide show for his funeral. We found some, but not the quanity we expected and there were portions of his life missing in the photos. I was puzzled and continued to search the house top to bottom and found nothing. I was stumped, over and over I looked. What had my father done with the photos?

Two days ago when sorting through file cabinets in the garage I stumbled across an entire drawer in a large file cabinet filled with manilla folders and files of photos. I had to smile, this was so typical of my father. He was a business man who was very efficient and organized. Many of us put our photos in albums, apparently not my dad. His photos were in manilla envelopes organized by family event or by vacation. It was a blessed moment to find these photos. I ended up spending nearly half a day sorting through pictures and the accompanying letters and cards I had written my dad over the years that he had saved.

It was a deeply emotional journey for me to view some of those pictures and reflect on the relationship ups and downs my father and I faced through the years. As I read the letters I had written, not every letter was a happy one. There were moments in my father and I’s relationship that were filled with conflict, much like any family and to reflect on what we had faced and healed over the years was deeply moving, painful and healing. I found that by the evening my body and spirit felt like I had been through a war. It stunned me to realize the depth of feeling that remained in my heart for some of those moments that we experienced as daughter and father.

It was a gift to find those photos and I have now used some of my favorites of my dad and of my life in the tropics to create a work station/desk area for my writing. I am including a picture of the workstation. It is the desk my father used. It used to be a boring office black color. I took it to a powder coat company and had it painted a tropical ocean color and then finished it with a collage of photos from those I found two days ago. The cost for this project was just over 250 dollars, plus an additional fee of 75 dollars for a specialized paint color that had to be ordered. If a basic color is selected there is generally no additional fee. If you have a similar desk you could do the same and create a personal look that you love. I will treasure this work area because it brings a small part of my dad’s life close to me and allows me the pleasure of seeing his pictures and those I sent him of my life in the tropics.