Veil of Roses
By: Laura Fitzgerald

Veil of Roses is a novel that touched my heart. This book gives any American pause for thought about the freedoms that we experience daily without a thought. I’m not even speaking of the more obvious freedoms such as choosing the person we marry or traveling to a variety of foreign destinations we enjoy. I am talking about small things, like having coffee at Starbucks with a friend of the opposite sex, walking down the street in clothes that speak out for causes we believe in or holding hands with a lover in public. All of these we do naturally without thinking for a moment that there are cultures where each of these is forbidden and would get us arrested.

This novel is an eye opening look into the lives and culture of an Iranian family. From the lives of the parents who for a time lived in our western culture to the grown daughter they are trying to give freedom to with a one way ticket to America. She has a three month travel visa to stay with her Iranian born sister married to an Iranian American. In this time she hopes to meet an Iranian man whom she can marry, so that she can leave Iran for good. This book was so engrossing that I read it in one night. I highly recommend this book, it is an eye opening look at a culture where women have few choices. As a woman it makes my heart bleed to know these women have so little hope. May each of us use our choices wisely and pray that these women can someday soon make their own too.