This is a huge challenge and one that I continue to work on. Right now my list of alternative choices is small but I will continue to post new ideas and finds! So far I’m using these general techniques for my drinks.

1. Seltzer Water because it offers the carbonation that I enjoyed in soda.
2. Seltzer water ..two parts to one part regular flavored bottled water, the sugar style variety, not the chemical versions with sweetner. Which is why I use only one part regular flavored water to three parts seltzer. I still get the flavor but a great deal less sugar.
3. Tea
4. Seltzer water mixed with juice. Same basic premise as above, one part juice to two or three parts seltzer water; depending on the mood.
5 Organic soda …When I really crave a soda I choose a natural organic soda and have it for a special treat. So far one per week.