I know this seems an odd topic to discuss on a blog dedicated to healing grief and finding a way to happiness after pain and loss. But, seeing as I’m a writer who uses a computer every day of my life, and who has three computers in her house this feels like a topic of importance. Most American families have at least one computer in their home, many have more. So it stands to reason there will come a day when said computer wears out and needs replaced. What happens to the old one???

Hopefully most people take them to monthly recycle locations for electronics at their county landfill. I just did that last month, and let me tell you, even knowing it was a special drop off spot, designated for recycling electronics gave me a lot of pause for thought. I saw the HUNDREDS of electronics being sorted and separated, computers, microwaves, tv’s etc… Even if parts are recycled there has to be much that eventually is put back into the earth. How can that be good? Simply it can’t be and it makes my heart hurt for what we are doing to this planet…

So today I have found a website that gives information for each of the computer electronic’s companies and shows us where we can send our old computers, sometimes at NO COST, for recycling!! Now that is worth blogging about! Kudo’s to Sony for now starting a program to take ANY SONY product. Kudo’s to Toshiba for taking their old computers for FREE.Yes, Thank you Tony (my computer person) for recommending Toshiba when I bought my last lap top!! Other select computer companies also take theirs free, but NOT ALL. Some charge a fee. Click on the curly line under this post to see where you can send your old computer.