If someone had told me even two years ago I would give up diet soda I would have laughed in their face. That just was not something I would have considered in the realm of possibility. I finally decided a month ago to ditch the diet soda and basically not drink soda. Amazingly I am not having difficulty with it at all. Which is truly amazing for a person who used to drink at least one diet vanilla pepsi each day. In the last year I have been doing a lot more reading and research on food, food additives, and have begun to change my perspective on what I am willing to put in my body and how I want to live my life.

Of course I cannot afford to buy ALL ORGANIC food, who can? But, I have been for some months purchasing only organic milk, mostly organic meat and selected organic fruit and vegetables. Apples being one of them, as I have learned that apples take one of the biggest hits on being sprayed by chemicals. At least if you cannot afford to purchase organic fruits and vegetables then wash them thoroughly with soap and warm water to remove the chemical residue that you can.

I have sworn off equal and spenda products, it is stunning to me how much of our food is now filled with these things. The more I read about them, the less I want them to pass my lips. It is certainly a new way of thinking for me. One that has been deliberate, gradual and well thought out.

It is all about choices, perspective and priorities. What is your opinion on this? Have you made similar changes in your life? I feel good about the changes and I feel even better about living my life in the most healing fashion I can.