Today has been an R&R day for me, which feels amazing. I enjoyed my weekend of R&R so much that I decided after another four days of home projects and preparation for home showings that I deserved time for me. Today has been the beginning of that. I say a beginning because there will be more of these days ahead I can assure you.

It is just after five thirty in the evening and I realized a few minutes ago that I have been wearing my bathing suit all day. It made me laugh with joy. When is the last time I did that? Years ago, when I lived on Hawaii or Guam. Most likely Guam. I started my day with a swim and a bit of relaxation on the beach. But I certainly have to credit my ray ban sun glasses for my view that looked like the the pacific or the caribbean. I noticed a while ago that my ray bans make the water appear a tropical blue green color, like the water I treasured on Guam and in Hawaii. So it’s an illusion, this illusion makes me happy and brings a bit of the true tropics to my Florida world, that’s really all that matters.

I found myself truly happy this morning floating on the waves in my noodle chair. If you haven’t seen these you need to find one if you love time in the water. These things are simply made of a foam floating noodle and some netting. The netting slides over the noodle and becomes a chair you sit in to float around on the ocean. It is so cool and so very relaxing. I decided after that forty minutes of floating on the waves that my noodle chair is staying in my jeep so any ocean day can be spent at least in part floating, watching the waves, the pelicans and the beautiful sky. Today as I lay there I found myself as calm as if I were doing a meditatation. The waves, the water and the sky created a natural meditation that everyone deserves to experience. It was an eye opening moment for me, to realize just how good the ocean leaves me feeling. Just 40 minutes gave me a whole new perspective on my day. Can’t we all use that?