Back in 2005 when I still knew how to have a good time, at my annual Buffett party with my grandma Betty.

If you read my last post, you know I finally said enough to home projects and spent 48 hours relaxing at the beach. Okay so reality has intervened, it is now Tuesday and home projects continue to sprout before my very eyes by the second. It is sheer force of will that is keeping me from running screaming from the house today. I spent a hot as hell part of yesterday and this morning working in my flowerbeds and landscaping to spray and kill and remove weeds. (Just so you know… it isn’t like I haven’t already done this several times this summer. I live in Florida and the intense summer heat and rain seem to make things grow in jungle proportions in just a week or so. It can become maddening and I have learned with four years experience to just take a deep breath and do what I can do and leave the rest for another day. Yes, I could force myself to spend another two hours out in the heat, on top of the hour I have already spent. I could then lie for the next 6 hours on the couch in a state of heat exhaustion… been down that road on past yrs.No, not going back there for any amount of money. So there are still some weeds in my landscaping and my house is for sale. Is that really going to deter a serious buyer, well if it is then this isn’t the house for them, end of story.

I have spent so much of the last ten months working my ass off to show this house to it’s best advantage and it was already a GREAT house. So at some point my perspective and my father looking down on me from heaven have shown me that I must care for myself. I must not constantly over do it as I have in the past.

The reality of my life is that I will wake up every day until this house is sold and I will know there are at least ten things I need to do. It’s a lot of pressure some days and weeks. But the reality is, the world is not going to end if I do one less project today and watch a baseball game or read a good book. I work far harder now on this house and my move than I ever have at a regular job and no one but my friend Myscha or someone else who works from home could understand that. Not only am I finishing a book I have spent years writing, but I’m cleaning, organizing, packing, donating and keeping a house show ready every damn day…as a single woman. Today, I worked on the yard, I’m doing laundry and the rest of the day I might just drink margarita’s or malibu rum. If this was the last day I had on earth I certainly would not want to spend it making my yard perfect. So I’m keeping some perspective, doing some of the work and leaving the rest for another day, realizing this is my life and I want to enjoy it as well.