my origami paper tea container with it’s exotic flower and fruit tea.

Recently I feel like life is continually biting at my heels. No matter how much effort I put forth or how much time I spend on projects, preparing the house for sale or boxing things up and working on the yard…THERE ARE ALWAYS SIX MORE PROJECTS WAITING in the wings silently heckling me, reminding me I can’t stop. Well today I’d had ENOUGH. After working most of the three day weekend on these projects, and most of Tuesday as well late this morning I finally melted down. I called a girl friend, cried on her shoulder and she promptly told me to get out of my house and do something fun. FUN? What is that?? I used to live for that word…know it well….revel in it…lately that word conjures up a blank space in my mind. I have no idea what fun feels like. Lately fun is reading a good book in the late evening, petting my cats, going for a quick walk or stealing an hour for lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant. Those are not exactly what I would place under the fun category, but lately they are all I get.

Today I listened to my friend Tammy, realizing she was right. I drive myself much too hard. I am too much of a perfectionist, expecting myself to keep this house in perfect order for show, keeping the yard looking like a showcase and my stuff in order for the moment the house sells… where does that leave my life? Pretty much in the dust.

For a break I went to a matinee of Underdog. I loved it, it made me laugh, it was cute happy movie. Exactly what a girl who needs a laugh and hates violence enjoys watching. After that I wandered the mall and window shopped. I did buy some exotic flower and fruit tea at Teavana, my favorite tea shop. Now when I look at the beautiful origami tea container I will remember there is life outside this house. I will travel again, and I will find much more time for pleasure in the near future. That beautiful origami tea container and the exotic tea that I’m now sipping are my reminder….there is life beyond selling a house and I need to spend more time making it fun!