A delightful spa escape

Weekends are a special time to do things we treasure. Of course sometimes we have to do things that must be done, yet it’s important to make time for ourselves to renew our spirit and enthusiasm for life.

Twelve things that might make your heart sing.

1. Bake your favorite dessert and share it with friends or family, who can resist a treat?
2. Treat yourself to a massage.
3. Spend part of the day outside at the beach a favorite park or botanical garden.
4. Go for a long walk
5 Ride your bike with a friend or family member.
6. Lie in a hammock and read a book you have been longing to read.
7. Go to a museum display you have been wanting to see.
8. Listen to your favorite music…this is guaranteed to make your heart sing!
9. Explore a new neighborhood or place you have been longing to see.
10 Walk around the farmers market and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells then buy some healthy food to take home.
11. Go to a baseball game.
12. Go to a movie with an old friend.

Whatever you do, make time for your heart to sing with pleasure!