Tim and Faith on their Jeep concert poster

I am deeply impressed. I went to the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw concert last night…Wow. It was an incredible performance, and a moving experience to see two people so genuine, so talented, and so deeply appreciative of their fans. I have been to many concerts and never have I seen two people strive to be so caring to their fans.

First they had an outstanding set up, the stage was in a cross style so that the audience was close to them from many many places. It made the entire concert experience feel that much more intimate and amazing. On top of that each of them several times went down into the floor section of the audience and touched peoples hands, hugged them, shook their hands and let them take photos. It was truly moving to see two performers with such grace and warmth. They truly love their fans and it shows.

The two of them performed for nearly three and a half hours. On top of that their warm up group the Warren Brothers, from Tampa….yah Tampa natives.. did a nice long set, probably a half hour before Tim and Faith began. It is far and above the best concert I have ever attended and I will certainly see them again when they return to Tampa. They are two deeply beautiful spirited people and it shows in their performance and the love they display to each other and their fans.