I know you’ve heard this before….take the time to do meditation. It is time for your body to slow down, time to breath deeply and twenty minutes to care for your spirit. I had heard this MANY many times and for a period of years on Guam I did meditate nearly daily, I also did it in Hawaii, but then when I moved to Germany and was living with my ex fiancee my alone time was at an all time low and to top it off we lived in a one bedroom flat. So the truth is that I didn’t meditate nearly enough… and in retrospect, that time in Germany was a time I REALLY needed it.

Living in a foreign culture can take a toll on you. It is mentally taxing, it can be emotionally taxing and and your home becomes your haven from the chaotic learning experiences you often face. Would I trade those experiences? Not at all, I loved the years I spent living in Berlin. I had so many amazing adventures, I met wonderful people and I traveled all over the globe. It was both fantastic and draining.

This last year and a half I have made a conscious choice to make the time for meditation. I find that even after just twenty minutes I feel refreshed. My body feels different, better… and so does my spirit. It is absolutely astonishing to me, even with my prior meditation experience what a difference I feel.

I have tried meditation in a lot of different forms, I used to do my meditation with a verbal chant I would repeat. Now I have found a wonderful CD that I ordered online from a medium, who I had a reading with from Australia. His name is Anthony Grzelka and his CD is by far the best I have found. The CD includes three separate meditations two are approximately twenty minutes and the third he calls a nano meditation, it is ten minutes. I have used this CD for a year and a half or more and find it to be exceptional. It is both uplifting and calming. I can feel a difference in the vibration of my body when I finish the meditation and my mind feels fully refreshed and at peace. His sexy Australian accent doesn’t hurt either! You can find Anthony’s Whispers Guided Meditations on his website http://www.whispersfrombeyond.com.au