Today I found the coolest article and message board on MSN Money. message board is called Women In Red. It is a message board of women encouraging women to SAVE MONEY! The people on the message board support each other with a variety of positive feedback regarding what they may have saved. They are also using the boards to share tips and ideas for saving money. Apparently from the article I read the members of the Women In Red Savers saved a TOTAL of 200,000 in six months!! Some people are saving just a few bucks at a time, twenty here, ten here and learning how to really save and plan for the future. Others are living on one pay check and trying to save the majority of the second. Either way it is so cool to see other women supporting each other and really trying to devise ways to save and think of the long term future and their big goals!

My friend Myscha and I do that with each other in our own lives. You can read her ideas and tips on her web blogs, <strong></a> and http://webesharin.wordpress.comI loved finding today’s article and the message board of women supporting each other, that is what life is about finding ways to support and care about each other and make our lives better! Check out the Women in Red Saving message board at MSN Money.