Last Night at the Rays Vs Yankees game.

Last night I went to watch the Yankees play the Rays. I also went tonight and watched their second game. I had very different seats both nights…home plate last night, and third base tonight…. but I had a repeat of an experience that I’ve had twice before during spring training at Legends Field. Tonight I had a very rude man sitting two seats away in the row in front of me. Is it just me or when you pay good money for an event it seems reasonable to expect the people around you to have enough respect to BE REASONABLY QUIET!

I kid you not, this guy was yaking NON freaking stop for about seven of nine innings! The only time he was quiet was when the people around him left for food and drinks and he had no one to chat with. God help me but when you pay good money to see a baseball game isn’t the freaking idea to ACTUALLY WATCH IT??

I can’t even say it depends upon the section you sit in. I had the very same experience happen to me during spring training sitting ten or so rows behind HOME PLATE. That time I had two business men conducting business in their dress shirts for two innings until I got really irritated and moved a few rows to get away from them. Fortunately that day the seats were open enough to do that. Tonight it was packed and the farthest I could move was three seats, and that only lasted about three innings until the other people showed up. Another day it was a man yaking on his cell phone for about two innings. What is the point of being at a game if you aren’t even watching it?

Tonight what astonished me even more was the fact that the people next to him didnt say SHUT UP!! One woman who was with a group, did end up leaving for an inning and then sitting in a different seat away from him. But then when her friiends went out to get a drink HE MOVED DOWN TO SIT NEXT TO HER AND TALK SOME MORE. God Almightly… there is actually a baseball game to watch! Isn’t that why we paid the money to be here?

My next grumble is regarding people getting up or down in the middle of the play or the middle of the inning. The rest of us are actually TRYING TO WATCH OUR TEAM PLAY. So would a bit of courtesy be out of line for goodness sake? My last bitch before I sign off is a simple one, KNOW YOUR FREAKING SEAT NUMBER BEFORE YOU GET TO YOUR ISLE. Especially if you are showing up MID GAME! The people next to me and I shook our head after about a half dozen different groups came into our section TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHICH SEAT WAS THEIRS, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PLAY!!! Give me a freaking break and have some common sense and manners.