Yesterday I wrote about how we sometimes sabotage ourselves in difficult moments, making choices we wouldn’t otherwise make because we are stressed, tired, overwhelmed or in pain. After writing that post I realized there was more I should have said. I gave you my situation..trying to stick to my healthy eating plan and how I COULD have screwed up and made poor choices because it was a difficult day and I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I persevered and made decent choices, not all excellent chioces, but I kept my focus and did a pretty decent job through the day and evening.

Later as I was falling asleep I realized that there are many situations when we sabotage ourselves because we can’t handle a situation, be it emotions, relationships, friendships or jobs. We sometimes make choices that jeapordize our well being because we may be in emotional pain and don’t know how to handle it effectively or how to ask for help. Some people I believe don’t even realize they are doing this, their pain is buried so deeply or their situation is so dire that they can’t even see the reality to make a good choice.

So what can we do to change this? I think for a start AWARENESS in key. Recognizing what we are feeling and what we are burying within is essential. We need to recognize WHAT it is we don’t want to deal with and WHY we don’t want to handle it. That is a huge beginning to awareness. Once you begin to consider these questions you are already more aware and each time you are in similar situation you will begin to use the the awareness you have uncovered. Okay, realistically you may not make the best choices every single time…..sometimes you will slide, just as I slide with my healthy eating choices. But, you will be more awake and aware of WHAT YOU ARE DOING, and you will begin to realize WHY you are doing it. That alone will begin to change your behavior just as it has changed mine with my eating habits. It is through awareness and love of ourselves that we begin to find our healing. May your journey of healing be filled with support, love and grace.