We all have them, the moments, hours and days that really suck. We end up way too tired, too stressed, too emotional and just too damn sick of it all to care. It’s in those moments that we sometimes make our worst choices. We sabotage ourselves in these difficult moments. Today I am way too tired and in desperate need of a good break. Hopefully a quiet upcoming weekend will help, but even saying that I know it will only be a good beginning. What I need is a month of peace and quiet in a beautiful tropical locale where I can truly rest.

I have worked very hard the last three weeks to gain focus and work on my final mental/emotional goal of healing; my weight. So today in my tired state and in need of a really good break I was blessedly able to keep control of my desire to just eat whatever I felt like and maintain some sense and make decent choices. Okay I wasn’t perfect. I had a few more points than I should have had. But I didn’t go over my allowable limit. I did have two oreo cookies only TWO…and two fudge bars from Weight Watchers. But hey….. on a bad day it could have been worse! I feel pleased with my self control and my ability to step back mentally and say “hey you have lost eight lbs in the last three weeks, and do you really want to screw it up with a bunch of cookies and junk?” The answer… No I don’t. I’m working hard to make healthy choices both mentally, physically and emotionally so it feels good to reach a difficult moment and not blow it completely. Okay it would have been great to use less of my weekly points today, since there are still three days to go before weighing myself. But hey, I did the best I could and I worked hard to make good choices, not to sabotage myself. That in it’s self is a step in the right direction and one I hope I can encourage others to make.