A garden I enjoy.

Lately I’m reminded how calming and healing it is to be in nature. I recently discovered a nature preserve near where I live and I had the chance to spend a couple hours there this weekend walking. I also spent another evening walking at the beach and both days felt calmer and more peaceful with the time spent in nature where I can “as I characterize it…take a deep breath and get the hell away from the pace of the world.”

In nature I can focus on my thoughts, the beauty surrounding me and just treasure the silence. If you are healing loss, pain or just need time to get your thoughts in order I suggest a walk or time in a garden or nature area. I find the difference in my spirit and the calm of my body beautifully different after such a time away from the plugged in reality of our lives today. It will make me focus harder to make these special times to enjoy nature and the peace I find there.