boat-training-011.jpgThe last week has been exhausting and I apologize for not adding to my blog more often…having my house for sale is quite a chore some weeks….there are always many details to handle. This past week, including the weekend was no exception and there were more than usual. Things are back on track and more calm. I actually had a chance view life from a very different perspective today.

Today was my first experience with a Coast Guard approved boat/water safety class. We spent two hours learning and reviewing and then three hours on the boat practicing our skills with our captain. It was both exciting and scary and absolutely a very new experience! I have been on boats many times, but have never had the opportunity to learn to drive a boat. It was certainly a new perspective and enlightening to begin to understand all that is involved in reviewing a boating chart, understanding where one needs to be in the intercoastal channel, …god almighty is there alot to remember. It ]was a bit scary and confusing to me with my lack of experience. But, it’s a beginning and a new perspective I can enjoy and treasure!