closets-and-cabinets-004.jpgOne view of the finished closet system

Putting our lives together sometimes requires doing much more than just our emotional work. Some days requires the basics of home improvement. For the last several days I have been researching and choosing closet and garage storage for my home. All the while making phone calls and sorting out my choices for installation. Thankfully I was able to organize the installation quickly, more quickly than choosing my storage systems I can assure you!

I have learned a lot this week. I say that with a lot of laughter, that seems to be the case every time I do even the smallest home improvement project! I first checked out Home Depot and Lowes online. I wanted to see what storage systems they offered. As I have one already I understood the general concept and knew some of what I wanted.

I took all my measurements, reviewed my choices online and headed out…..thinking that someone with MORE knowledge than I could assist me…ONE WOULD THINK….Not the case today I can assure you. Most of my visits to home improvement stores are positive, I get good assistance and leave generally feeling good about what I am doing. NOT the case on this day!

This time my assistance came in the form of someone who had little or no interest in helping me work through the products and choices. His best suggestion go home and pull up the closetmaid website and design my closet online and then come back and purchase the individual componets. Hmn….I wasn’t happy seeing as I had driven twenty minutes to purchase the said closet system. Of course weighing my options of having someone with no knowledge and interest assisting me or doing it online…the choice seemed obvious do it online and then return with my exact choices.

This seems too easy… and there’s a reason for that…..THE SOFTWARE DESIGN PROGRAM THEY USE IS A NIGHTMARE. I swear to god if any of you out there can navigate that design software and actually put together a working closet I would LOVE to hear about it. After an hour of frustration I was seconds away from bashing my laptop through the window! I was not a happy camper and that is AN EXTREME understatment! At that point I said screw it and got out the graph paper and created a closet on paper to scale. I then created moving pieces of the closet componets I wanted and moved them around accordingly until I found a combination I felt would work well in my closet. THIS TASK ONLY TOOK ABOUT TWO DAMN HOURS.

I returned to a DIFFERENT home improvement store the next day. No way was I going back to the first place, which shall remain NAMELESS! This time I knew what I wanted. I had a few questions regarding the hanging rods and getting extended hanging rods. What I found as I worked with two different employees is that people don’t have as much knowledge about closet design AS I IMAGINED. I guess only those who have installed one actually understand them well. It is a scary thing when my knowledge is nearly as extensive than the person assisting me. Okay, I have to give credit, this time around I actually found two men who had basic knowledge about the systems and they were able to answer SOME of my questions.

I now have the closet componets and they await installation in my closet. I will see how this unfolds. We’ll see if I learned enough to make choices that work together to create a closet of componets that fit together cohesively!