It’s Saturday, the day of relaxation, that is unless you have a realtor showing up to take pictures of your home. I was up at 7:15 preparing last minute things and didn’t sit down until she arrived at 1:15. By the time it was finished some two hours later I felt like I’d worked an entire damn day….and it was only 1:30 in the afternoon.

With relatives arriving from the midwest at 2pm, (thankfully renting their own car and driving in from the airport) I actually had a half hour to sit down and take a real breath. That hasn’t happened in about three days!!! My god what happened to my expat life??? For once I didn’t run around like a crazy person cleaning the house before relatives arrived…. we had bypassed cleaning for ” show statusThis house is pristine!After all of that, it was time for LUNCH AND DRINKS. IF THERE WAS EVER A DAY I NEEDED TO CONSUME ALCOHOL THIS WOULD BE IT. After two weeks of interviewing realtors, cleaning, more cleaning and realtor meetings, paperwork and pictures I was in need of large amounts of alcohol.

As the relatives had arrived it was the perfect moment to splurge on a nice seafood lunch and a pitcher of white wine sangria. I can tell you that they added something besides wine to that sangria. It was kicking my butt. Two and a half glasses and I could barely walk out of the place, thank god my uncle as the designated driver. Of course some of the effect of the alcohol could be the two weeks of constant activity and stress I have been dealing with. All I can say is thank god I’ve reached this point. Thank god a realtor has been selected and thank god I can have a day of R&R. The Sangria didn’t hurt either.