This last few weeks have drained me. I feel like there is constantly too much on my plate. So much so that I can’t possibly complete it all, though I do give it my best try. The details of my days are too exhausting to recount and some days hold tasks that are as appealing as cleaning the kitty litter. I long for a LONG, VERY LONG quiet vacation in a place full of beauty, nature and silence. Maybe a lodge in Canada. A visit there three years ago sold me on the absolute beauty, abounding nature and peaceful silence one can find in Canada.

Tonight I had tickets for the symphony but I didn’t go. I considered inviting a friend two weeks ago, but had way too much on my mind with my house and other responsibilities. Maybe I should have, but after a very long day of errands and meetings and a hair cut and a session of yard work I just wasn’t in the mood. It’s a shame too, I just got my hair cut today and it looks GREAT!

Working in the yard did allow me to remember why I’m moving to a town house. There I will have a yard but NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT…. You will certainly hear my scream of glee for miles! I’ve learned that a house with a yard is just so much damn work, even with help! I wonder why I have no dating life to speak of…I feel like I’m dating this damn house!! Do any of you who are also single feel like that?

Okay, I am on the overly neat and organized side and want things to look really awesome…which takes a great deal of time. Yet, when I sit down in the evenings I’m happy with it, it’s neat and beautiful. I’m pleased with my home and that is a very good feeling. But some days, like today, it exhausts me, and certainly limits my social life because the responsibilities are pretty much constant. Who knew…. no wonder I liked living the nomadic life overseas.