After the last few days of emotion I was quite happy to see a new week roll around. Today I have workmen scheduled to do minor repairs and I feel this is the start of a much calmer, more sane week. THANK YOU, THAT IS REALLY ALL I CAN SAY…THANK YOU!

Mother’s Day felt like HELL. Thank god it has passed and I can handle my emotions again. Things have been rolling along quite well today, my sliding door opens smoothly again, my garage door is no longer jamming, the world seems in order. The work men have mostly come and gone doing a nice job on repairs. It is nearly lunch time and I am feeling GOOD.

A few minutes later I was thinking, hmn…Ex fiancee got married on Friday night (my time…..overseas Saturday May 12, MOM’S BIRTHDAY, Mother’s Day was the 13th, that makes today THE FOURTEENTH…of MAY… I started laughing….in an alternate universe this was my wedding day, 24 years ago! After a separation 19 years ago and a divorce 13 years ago it longer holds emotion for me. )

Hey, I wonder if there are anymore significant days coming up this week, month or century….I really hope not. I could really use normal, routine and peaceful right now.