Each of us struggles through chaotic moments and the uncertainty of not knowing which way to turn in our really dark moments. Two instances this week have reminded me that clarity is always around an unexpected corner and we will find exactly what we need in the moment we let go and just accept that we are being watched over and guided.

For the past couple weeks I have gone over and over in my mind how to resolve a situation. I have struggled and stressed, finally knowing better than this, I said ENOUGH. There is a solution and I again prayed for guidance, only this time I let go of expectation of figuring it out myself. When I woke this morning I suddenly had an “inspired thought” regarding the situation. Just like that… out of no where an answer came to my mind, clarity in a moment of complete calm. I still have to contact a couple people regarding this inspired thought and see how to follow through and make this idea work. Yet my body feeling tells me “this feels right.”

The second situation involves a friend who has for several years been living in Bali. I wrote about her dental situation in Bali in my April 2nd post. I’ve felt that she was making poor choices regarding treatment and needed to get the hell to a more medically advanced part of the world. I have continued to pray for her, to encourage her to look for other solutions and care. In the mean time she has been in great pain, living on pain killers, getting inadequate treatment. Finally this week she wrote to tell me that she is seeking treatment elsewhere in a more westernized country.

Just as in my situation when we allow spirit to guide us inspired thought comes and doors open from directions we never imagined. In my case, and hers we had to release our fears and preconceived ideas of what would work and allow spirit to bring us a quiet, sane thought in the midst of our chaotic struggle. Thank god we were each paying attention! Are you?