For the last few weeks, since I began watching The Secret, and following up with like minded books I have kept a gratitude journal. I write down a list of things nearly each day that I am grateful for. I find in doing that it focuses my energy on the good in my life and keeps my attitude in a positive and grateful state. I notice in those times when I’m focusing on things I’m grateful for that my energy feels great. I feel uplifted and inspired. I also keep my gratitude rock close by so that I see it several times a day.

At a recent workshop I attended I heard something that touched me…..

When you hold a thought for 68 seconds you begin to work toward manifesting it. Focus with loving intention on that which you want to create for 68 seconds and see how your body feels. I love the idea of keeping the focus of my life on creating that which I most want and that which will help others and improve our world.