I just learned of this website on Oprah’s show today. Her show discussed ways to go green and do more to protect our earth. This site will not only get your name off junk mail lists….who doesn’t need that?? The junk mail cycle seems endless! They also plant trees for each person who purchases an annual membership. The membership is now reduced to $15..which is such a bargain for the service they are performing! The price of this service not only helps me to do a small part in protecting the trees of the earth from becoming future junk mail, but what a difference it will make in my every day life. I wont be wasting time and energy shredding junk with my name on it!! This is truly an amazing and wonderful option! Check it out!
http://www.greeendimes.com You can click on the link at the right found under the heading Environment.

Update….I signed up with Green Dimes about two months ago and I am seeing a DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE in the level of junk mail. What a difference. I am a believer!

Further update…now five months in the junk mail has all but stopped, ..What a relief..THANK YOU GREEN DIMES! Also they have reduced the price…what a deal, a great service to the world and a bargain for each of us! Thank you!