The last months I’ve been making an effort to live a “greener life.” After living from 1999 to 2003 in Europe I have such a different perspective and really the more waste I see in the United States the more I become extremely disturbed by what we are doing to our planet all the time. I learned a lot about reusing and recycling as well as the importance of purchasing foods that are not treated with hormones or pesticides while living in Europe. Actually I found upon my return to the United States that there are things I can no longer eat, because the additives make me ill. I found the knowledge and availability of living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle in Europe was a wonderful and useful lesson for me. I dearly loved the outdoor food markets and the organic products that were so readily available. I also loved how environmentally aware the Germans were.

I recently bought the annual Green Issue of Outside Magazine and did the check list of things to live a greener lifestyle. I was happy to find so many small things I was doing to improve and live a greener life. There is still such a long way to go and the other day as I was contemplating the entire situation I became overwhelmed, feeling like I was getting no where. But the reality of being AWARE and MAKING BETTER CHOICES for our world is a good start for all of us.