I periodically look at MSN Money. They seem to have some very cool informational tools. Okay…. I’m an MSN user so I like some of their neat articles and tools. They are free…. so use them and learn! They have one called a Savings Calculator and another called an Investment Calculator and yet another called a Retirement Calculator. The idea of these tools is to allow you to look at what you are saving and or investing and what your projected income will be at some time in the future. I think this is a pretty important thing to review. I have looked at these before and I believe…if memory serves, other sites such as financial investment companies have free investment calculators to use as well. Check one out!

It will either give you a feeling of happiness, ie I’ve been saving at a good rate, or hey I’d better consider finding ways to save more. Either way, it’s an informative and useful way to get a handle on an important aspect of our lives today.