yankees06-007.jpgOne of my favorites shots from last years spring training season. The team lining the dug out below the banner Yankees.

Today is opening day for Baseball. Spring Training concluded here in Tampa on Saturday afternoon with a game again the Detroit Tigers. I think it was a collective feeling of pleasure and enjoyment for each of us at Legend’s Field as we watched the Yankee’s play their final Spring Training game before heading to NY to begin their regular season. I for one was sad to know I would no longer be watching my favorite players in person, instead I would watch via my satelite baseball package. It was a mixed moment of pleasure, there is something so enjoyable about spending the afternoon at the ball park, enjoying a good game, eating the hotdog I only allow myself during baseball season and drinking fresh lemonade in the warm spring sunshine. On the other hand seeing my favorite players on tv allows for close ups that I wish for at the ball park. Even when I’m fortunate to get good seats in the home plate or first base area I can never see the zoom in plays I see on television, allowing me intimate glimses of my favorite players and their skill…there is nothing better than hearing Hideki Matsui break a bat and run the bases for a home run….okay seeing Derek Jeter’s great body on the field is a wonderful treat as well.

Of course having them in NYC doesn’t allow one to run into them in your favorite local restaurant! One of my friends luncheon group ran into Derek Jeter a week or so ago at Macaroni Grill. Why wasn’t I at Macaroni Grill that day? Damn… those women weren’t even baseball fans, let alone Yankee fans! The unfairness of it all….laughter…..

As I write this post I can hear the game in the background the Yankees are playing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for their opening game and I am thrilled to know that I will catch a few regular season games here in St. Pete when the Yankees come to town in the coming days and months. The fun has begun!