My favorite temple in Bali, Indonesia
Today I received an email from a friend who lives in Bali. She’s lived there for several years. For the past year and a half she’s had a series of health related problems and despite MANY of us coaxing her she has remained in Bali with visits to Singapore and Thailand for dental and medical treatment. Having other friends overseas I know that Singapore and Thailand have excellent medical care. Each time she receives care elsewhere she improves. Yet health issues continue to resurface. I attribute this to the fact that she is ignoring her intuition and remaining stagnant in her current situation. I think in this case it is just her guides/angels and God’s way of saying, “It is time to move on to a new life in a new place.” She has finally in the last few months decided that she needs to move on to a new life, in a new place. She has begun the process of giving away and selling unneccesary items and to work toward creating a new life.

I have just sent her yet another email of firm truth and love. You must take the leap of faith and move on. Opportunities will present themselves and in the meantime your friends (me among them) will give you the help you need. How can she continually ignore the obvious?? It’s like beating your head on the wall and wondering why you have a headache!! I am at my wits end and have spoken the truth to her with as much firmness and love as I can. She has watched “The Secret,” she knows how the principles work, now she needs focus, visualize and to use the opportunities available and work toward the next step. It doesn’t all just fall from the sky at once, you have to put forth effort and bring it into your life.

Isn’t the offer of staying with a friend a start? Get to a western country and then begin to create the life you want with the help you are given. Nothing will change if she remains there. It is amazing to me that she can ignore the obvious when she is constantly in pain or ill. In this moment I must focus my love and energy and pray for her and hope that she will feel better soon and begin to make decisions that bring her to a new life in a new place.