There are days I should just not attempt to deal with technology updates. I’ve just changed my internet connection service, and of course….my situation is unusual….what’s new there…..laughter…. My entire life falls into the unusual category in most instances, sometimes it all just becomes truly annoying! Tonight is one of those times!

Thank god for wireless internet connections, I have my own, (of course it isn’t working today or maybe for the next few.) But having a wireless allows me to use wireless from other sources. THANK GOD, otherwise I would be toast as far as the internet in the next days. The complications involved in my system and home network will of course require a technician. Let me say this whole situation reminds me WAY TOO MUCH of a period of technology hell when I lived in Berlin, Germany a few years ago and had to go through baptism by fire to get high speed internet hooked up in my apt that was built in 1902!

Eventually it all worked, even the German software necessary for my aol Germany account. It wasn’t an easy or pleasant process, yet it eventually worked. I’m ever hopeful that this situation will be less complicated. We shall see… Like many I struggle to be decent, rather than rude and obnoxious to the tech support people who spout jargon that doesn’t even make sense to me or to top it off who can’t always help me! (Exactly what happened tonight.) It seems at times such a waste of time and energy and leaves me with an irritated feeling and an upset stomach! I’m certain MANY of you can relate to this!!

I love my technology and I love the things I can accomplish with it. I suppose I just have to accept that it can’t always be a perfect science and that sometimes it will have snags and take longer than it should. For now I will focus on deep breathing and the patience to deal with several more technical support and computer people in the next days.